Exhibition De vos Reynaarde 
Together with Atelier Libri we created a fox themed 15th century Gothic styled book for the exhibition “De vos Reynaarde te kijk gezet in 64 boekbanden”. The book's binding, fittings and cover style are all historically accurate except that all the materials are 21st century.  
The book covers are made from orange PET plastic and produced on an FDM printer with a 0,4mm nozzle and a layer height of 0,1 mm. The FDM process allows us to create the the covers as a single whole without the need of any post-process drilling or cutting to create the necessary holes and slots.  
The book fittings are created from black 405nm UV-Resin on a DLP printer. The corner pieces, featuring fox paw prints, are attached to the corners using glue. The links for the chains are held together with 1,75 mm black ABS filament. 
The exhibition is in the “Atheneum bibliotheek” in Deventer and can be visited from the 2nd of March till the 3rd of May. 

Set Square for VIPs
Thinkable has been creating innovative products that allow visually impaired people (VIPs) tactile access to information for two decades now. They have a range of products that allow VIPs access to tactile graphics one of which is their innovative TactiPad Drawing Board. The TactiPad allows VIPs to create their own tactile graphics by drawing with a pen on a thin sheet of plastic foil which is placed upon a layer of rubber. This creates a raised line drawing which has a distinct tactile experience for VIPs and is also visible to non-VIPs. 
We were commissioned by Thinkable to help re-design their set square accessory for the TactiPad. They wanted a 30-60-90 degree angled set square, with clear tactile markers for the centimetre and the five centimetre measurements. The side between the 30 and 60 degree angle required a different set of markers that help with the creation of z-axis.
Wiggle glasses
A-eskwadraat is a student association for students of studies “Game technology, Computer Science, Information Science, Physics and Math”. Their board asked H3X Designs to create a pair of sunglasses inspired by A-eskwadraat's logo for them to wear in their yearbook photo of 2019.  
Seeing the sunglasses were meant to be a stylish accessory for the yearbook photo, and didn't need to be all that practical vision wise we decided, together with the board, to have the logo fill up the space between the legs of the sunglasses. The two larger “dips” of the logo would allow the sunglasses to rest comfortably on the nose. The legs of each of the pair of sunglasses have the initials of one of the board members punched out to make each pair unique and tailor-made for one specific board member. 
The sunglasses were produced on our Prusa I3 MK2S FDM printer in red ABS. The hinges are made from the same red ABS filament.
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