H3X Designs: From idea to reality
At H3X Designs our main priority is to help you make your idea a reality. We use our knowledge of 3D design, processes, programs and technologies to help you according to your needs. Together we will flesh out your idea and from there create prototypes to help adapt the design to suit your needs. 

Every customer and idea is different and we will adapt to offer you the help you require. Having different customers and wishes challenges us to look for interesting solutions to problems that might occur during the process. This makes every collaboration unique. 

Our priority is your satisfaction; as such we aim to make our communication as transparent and clear as possible to ensure that you will end up with the product you envisioned.
· Idea
· Reality

CAD or Computer Aided Design is the use of software to assist in the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of a design. CAD is used mostly for the creation of models that represent real-world, man-made objects.  
Our experience with CAD software lets us help you create designs that stand up to the rigours of the real world.
3D Printing
At H3X Designs we have experience with a lot of different 3D printing techniques, from SLA and SLS to DLP and FDM. We know how to create models that incorporate the unique possibilities of each 3D printing technique allowing you to get the most of what 3D printing offers.  
This knowledge, combined with our in house FDM and DLP printers allows us to quickly create prototypes for your designs.
3D Modelling
Our familiarity with several other methods of 3D modelling, such as surface modelling and sculpting, allow us to create a large range of 3D models, from animals and plants to crystal clusters and landscapes. We know which software package to use in which scenario so you get the design that you envisioned.
Exhibition De vos Reynaarde 
Together with Atelier Libri we created a fox themed 15th century Gothic styled book for the exhibition “De vos Reynaarde te kijk gezet in 64 boekbanden”. The book combines authentic bookbinding techniques with 21st century materials.  
The exhibition is in the “Atheneum bibliotheek” in Deventer and can be visited from the 2nd of March till the 3rd of May.
Set Square for VIPs
Thinkable has been creating innovative products that allow visually impaired people (VIPs) tactile access to information for two decades now. They have a range of products that allow VIPs access to tactile graphics one of which is their innovative TactiPad Drawing Board. 
H3X Designs was commissioned by Thinkable to help re-design their set square accessory for the TactiPad.
Wiggle sunglasses
 A-eskwadraat is a student association for students of studies “Game technology, Computer Science, Information Science, Physics and Math”. Their board asked H3X Designs to create a pair of sunglasses inspired by A-eskwadraat's logo for them to wear in their yearbook photo of 2019.
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